Thank You

beginning-of-lifeI decided to start bloggin 2 years ago but I just lack d get-up-and-go to do it, till Seyi started blogging and that gave me the impetus to go. Right from the start, I knew it will be fun, but I really have to admit that as easy and enjoyable bloggin is, it isn’t a walk in the park. Despite being bombarded by so many possible things to write, or should I say type about in daily life, putting one’s thoughts down isn’t that easy. The hardest part, of course is deciding what to write about. With a blog like mine that isn’t restricted to any area, I guess it seems a bit easier, but it also means that I have a harder time deciding what my next topic should be. Therefore I find myself deciding if I should do something on the mystery called Nigeria, or maybe about my dear Uniyonu, sorry, I mean Unilorin or just an article on any mundane topic.
I really couldn’t make up my mind until 10p.m yesterday, and even then, I slept off before I could finish this. Anyway, I guess its o.k that my blog is starting on the 1st of February, being the beginning of a new month, and my anniversaries will be tucked between four birthdays, 2 on the 31st and on the 1st and 2nd.
For my first post, I’ve decided to dedicate it to every avid blogger around the world; men and women who’ve informed us about places and situations that conventional reporters can’t report on, or don’t cover, people who have uphelp our right to know, and everybody that has impacted others just by sharing their thoughts on the internet through websites, blogs, message boards and fora.
I want to specially appreciate people that have made this happen, providers of free blog site, free hosting and free advice and tutorials on various things, from gardening tips to how to be a better boyfriend and even how to be a gold digger.
All these people, from the service providers to the users have really, trully and faithfully been vangaurds in the push to a more enlightened world, and in my opinion, they are the miracles of the 21st century, because the’ve dedicated time and effort to making the internet what it is today. Thank you guys, you are tha’ bomb.


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