Today’s Sunday.
The first day of the week.
The last day of the weekend break.
It’s also the last day of February.
It happens to also be my baby sister’s birthday. She was born on a sunday, many winters ago on the last day of February. So today’s her real birthday.
It’s been quite awhile I blogged last; not because global warming has caused drought, nay, global warming hasn’t toasted my neurons yet, although the heat of the past few days has often left me wan. Rather, a recent downturn in the economy, leading to a loss of projected earnings for the first quarter of the current year, necessitating corporate downsizing has impacted negatively on my ability to add new posts. In English, adsense hasn’t responded to my application, so I’m on “strike”, if you can say you are on strike when technically, you weren’t appointed in the first place.
But since then, I’ve decided that even if adsense doesn’t add me, I’m still gonna blog. I’ve spent the last several weeks scouring sites that offer free novels. I’ve devoured the creative commons policy, examined the gutenberg project. I’ve scouted wikihow, wonder-how-to and so many other sites dedicated to being human- stretching a helping hand everywhere.
I’m so overwhelmed by the sheer number of these site and the kind of advice you can get on these sites. I’ve learnt alot from these sites; things about school, how to be a better person, even how to be a gold digger, though I haven’t found an avenue to turn that knowledge to power yet.
I know this post reeks of the same breath of my last post, that’s why its titled encore.
But being a proper Yoruba boy, I believe you can never say thank you enough. I’d like to appreciate all the wonderful people in charge of these sites, the hosts, webmasters, authors and everyone connected to these sites. I’d like to also say a special thank you to people who contribute to these causes, people who give, no matter the amount to maintain these causes.


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