Opinionated Polls.

The problem with opinion polls is they are opinion poles. A rather vulgar saying comes to mind: Opinions are like assholes; everybody’s got one.
Whether the opinion pole is based on “experts” or just public opinion, often times, they are as flawed as asking Kindergarten kids to vote for their class captain. Although its democratic, it won’t get the job done.
In case you are wondering why I’m having an early morning diatribe, or should I say “monotribe”, its not that I woke up on the wrong side of my bed. No. I slept well and woke up happy. The only mistake I made was to view the fourfourtwo dream starting XI. This “dream team” is based on fans’ opinion. A sort of popularity contest on which players has the highest number of sycophants, sorry, fans. The sad thing about it all is not that the players selected are not good, on the contrary, they are talented individuals, who in some cases have been consistently consistent over the years. Rather, its the fact that so many of them have been played so played out of position, that I’m very sure such a team will struggle against any good side. I believe that slotting players into positions ought to be based on not just ‘how you feel’. There should be allowance made for contributions to the team in whole, something like the Castrol Rankings where player ratings are based on passes made, tackles, how often your team wins with you on the pitch versus how many the lose, etc.
Now to the Dream XI
In goal, Castillas, an excellent choice no doubt, I have no reservations about this.
Central Defence has Carles Puyol partnering Nathaniel Clyne (who the f**k is he), David Luiz as left back and Gareth Bale as right back. Excellent players alright but Gareth Bale favours the left rather than the right. Besides, there are more natural right backs than David Luiz who is a centre back.
Midfield. We have four central midfielders, no wingers. Aaron Ramsey on the left, Frank Lampard on the right with Xavi and Iniesta in the centre of the park. The brilliance of the midfield cannot be questioned but it is still inadequate; you need diversity in a team, not 4 of the same thing. Xavi and Iniesta play in front of a defensive midfielder for both club and country. The will be inadequate cover as they are both creators, not destroyers of opposition play. Frank Lampard on the right. Hmm. Apart from the fact that he’s not the Lamps of old, as a natural CM, I guess he will drift more inside, leaving the right exposed. And Aaron Ramsey… Gifted but largely unproven.
And onto attack. Messi and David Villa. There’s no doubt that Messi’s the most brilliant footballer of his generation. With silky touch, mesmerising, ability to create chances and an eye for goal, he’s the perfect player to play upfront but Villa??? I don’t question his ability, its just that there are so many other strikers who play that position a lot better. Eto’o readily comes to mind. Even Higuain and Benzema. Diego Milito, Falcao, yada yada yada. If he was so good, Barca won’t be shopping for another striker right now.
But like I said earlier, opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got his. So here’s my changes to the starting XI
Castillas remains in goal
Sergio Ramos, Puyol, Vidic, Evra
Frank Ribery, Xavi, Cambiasso, CR7
Messi, Eto’o.
And don’t even get me started on selections by FIFA and the English F.A. Those ones don’t even warrant a mention.


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