Social Engineering 101 Practicals

Hack w0rm SET AttackOn a sultry Friday afternoon with absolutely nothing to do, I had a mad dash of inspiration from a friend that involved a little bit of social engineering.  For those of you who know what social engineering is, rest easy, am not a matchstick man about to regal you with tales of cons pulled off on unsuspecting albeit greedy ,yes, greedy people (No offense, freedom of speech, yada yada yada). And for those of you who don’t, please ask Google.
This bit of “engineering” involved setting up an account on a social networking site and pretending to be a siren. A beautiful friend of mine was generous enough to provide photos me with pictures of all sorts (if u get my drift, say amen).
I’ve never been so inundated with requests in my life! Within thirty minutes I had lots of guys who wanted to see pictures of my slutty p@@@y, boobs and hot, wet, tight p****y . Within 3 hours, I must have had close to 100 requests. I*S*Y*N*.  See how guys were so desperate to set P.
In a way, you could call it my glimpse into the world of the average girl. Add that to the number of desperate looking guys who are so looking to hook up and get your number and I begin to realize why so many of them can afford to do shakara. Guys, some of you are trying too hard. Build your game.  Become a better you and the ladies will come. When you are fishing, u won’t catch anything by stirring the water. Set the right bait and wait for the fish. They will surely bite. And don’t be afraid to shut them in the friend zone before they zone you.
And another thing.
So many people are too quick to give out info on things like where they work, where they live, their telephone number, schools they went to, date of birth and family on social media. In these days of psychos, identity thieves and internet scamsters, such information in the wrong hands, could be very damaging.  While trying to impress people or sound cool, DO NOT JEOPARDIZE UR SAFETY and those of your loved ones. Remember, anybody can be anybody online.

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