August 20, 2012.
Dear diary,
 Yesterday wasn’t so good. Spent most of the day puking my guts out. I still don’t know what it was exactly I ate. It nearly turned out to be a very rotten day but the EPL drama spiced it up. Absolute thrillers all through. It’s nice to see Eden Hazard start his EPL career on a very bright note, even if he’s a Chelski man.  Two assists (yes, I call pks assists too) against Wigan in the opening 6 minutes must really do a lot for his already bloated ego.  He turned out to be the difference between the two sides, although he fizzled out as the gameJungle_Path_by_Renegadellf went on. Let’s see how he finishes this season sha. Victor Moses also put up a good showing. Though he was absent for most of the first half, he completely took control of the left flank in the second and Ivanovic eat the grass on more than one occasion. A pity Wigan couldn’t find a goal. They really deserved one.
 Man Shitty-Southhampton. Nice to see the noisy neighbors get a good run for their bottomless purse at their own home ground. That annoying vile frenchie just had to spoil the party again. He scored a beautiful goal to win the match for them. The oil money boys seem to have started the season exactly as they finished last season, doing what is required to win matches. They have begun to show signs of becoming champions- the will of fire to win. The title will stay at Manchester this season, though am not sure which half of Manchester will have bragging rights.
Went through my RSS filters today and got really bad news. Top director Tony Scott jumped off a bridge yesterday in Los Angeles in broad day light. Eye witness accounts say he parked his car and jumped without hesitating (talk about guts). I didn’t know until I read his bio this morning that he had directed a lot of my favorite films. During his career, Tony directed 16 feature films, and a lot more music videos and TV commercials. He was the man behind The Hunger (1983), Top Gun(1986), Beverly Hills Cop II (1987), Revenge (1990), Days of Thunder(1990), The Last Boy Scout (1991), True Romance (1993), Crimson Tide(1995), The Fan (1996), Enemy of the State (1998), Spy Game (2001),Man on Fire (2004),Domino (2005), Déjà Vu (2006), The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009),Unstoppable (2010).  Tony’s films were action-packed blockbusters, and most of them were box office successes withEnemy of the State being the highest grossing movie in 1990s.
His works also included The Hunger (1 episode in 1997 and 1 in 1999),AFP: American Fighter Pilot, Executive producer (2002), Numb3rs, Executive producer (2009 to 2010), The Good Wife, Executive producer (2009–2012), Gettysburg, Executive producer (2011), and Labyrinth, Executive producer (2012) all for television. He also directed short films including Loving Memory (1969), One of the Missing (1971), The Hire: Beat the Devil (2002) and Agent Orange (2004). Commercials he directed include DIM Underwear (1979), PlayerAchievements and Big Bang for Barclays Bank (2000), Telecom Italia (2000) (Starring Marlon Brando and Woody Allen), Ice Soldier for US Army (even the army advertises) in 2002 and One Man, One Land for Marlboro (2003).
For more info, read my last post.
Mr. Scott had a very successful career. Most of his films were successful box office hits. He had money, had a family (3 wives and two twin sons from wife number 3)  and his elder brother was also a director and am sure was loved, admired and respected by many in his chosen field yet he chose to end it all by jumping-off a bridge 185-feet high. Seems success is not all its made out to be.

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