EPL teams’ broadcast revenue

So the English Premier League 2012/13 Season came to an end on Sunday without the usual final day relegation drama, though the battle for 3rd and 4th spot dragged out between the London trio of Chelsea, Arsenal & Tottenham Hotspurs, no thanks to the Manchester teams’ dominance. Though disappointed the possibility of a play-off between Chelsea and Arsenal never became a reality, there was still much to cheer about, as the final day was filled with goodbyes between fans and club players and staffs parting ways, the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Scholes, David Moyes, Rafa Benitez, Stilyan Petrov and the rest (pains me Arsene isn’t on the list) there was also disappointment for Spurs fan and celebration of mediocrity by the Arsenal faithfuls, oh and let’s not forget the party-poopers, Westbrom & Romelu Lukaku, who rained on United’s parade, ruining what would have been a perfect send off for SAF, but to be honest, this would live longer in his memory rather than a 2-5 scoreline victory. He’s had many a 3-goal difference win compared to letting a 3-goal lead slip.
With all that out of the way, it was time for the stakeholders’ party and they didn’t have to wait long before the list containing the revenue earned by each team from broadcasts was released by the premier league. The list proved to be quite different from what I thought, as the monetary returns wasn’t per se a direct reflection of the league standing.
According to the Premier League’s official website http://www.premierleague.com, “the founder member’s agreement of the Premier League rules that 50% of UK broadcast revenue is split equally between the 20 clubs, 25% is paid in merit payments depending on where a club finishes in the final league table, and the final 25% is paid in facility fees each time a club’s matches are on tv in the UK. All International broadcast revenue is split equally amongst the 20 clubs.”
As expected Manchester United tops the list with 60.8m pounds, followed by their city rivals, Manchester city who earned 58.144m. The story changes from then on though as Arsenal and Tottenham earn more compared to Chelsea, thanks to more viewing time in the UK (poor Roman, time to get a connection to get your team on the TV more). Chelsea’s facility earnings compared to other top 7 clubs bugs me though, I mean, they were European champions (I mean their 2011/12 triumph, not the “champions league cast-outs” europa league triumph), shouldn’t people want to see them more? While across London, the money-hoarding board of Arsenal celebrates another reason not to part from their mediocre management habit. RV



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