My Lagos

So am back at the bar. It’s been a very wet day (Same as yesterday. And the day before. And the day before that! ). I left The Office and had to walk to Sabo (Father Lord ,I claim my  BMW 3 Series in Jesus Name). Am so cold that as my teeth nearly chatter.

So I order for a dose of my favorite anti-freeze – the Gazoo Master Special.
Hold It. I have jumped some very important points in my sojourn.
As I left the office, I strolled in the rain. Yes. Strolled. With the rain coming down. I kind of reminded me of all those old musicals I used to watch on TNT with Prof and Tomi.
As I got to Sabo junction, I couldn’t but help but be taken in with the site of people at Sabo junction. The crowds milling, waiting for buses back home to hearth. Out comes the trusty old HTC Vision. As I was with the crowd, it didn’t seem I could get a shot worth remembering. So I searched around and found a perfect location. I guess I should have tried a couple more and even one one the overhead bridge, but this was what I saw. My Lagos.


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