Welcome back EPL.

Finally the world’s best watched TV drama is back after the break. It’s nice to have something to look forward to on a weekend again.
Opening day was routine in many ways apart from Arsenal’s hiccup at the Emirates, losing to Aston Villa, despite the major changes some of the top clubs have undergone with new hands taking the reigns. It’s still early days though we will have to see how this plays out over the course of the season.
While the Premiership has been on break, the drama of the transfer market has kept us pumped up.
The major drama has been Arsenal’s pursuit of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, Real Madrid’s saga with Tottenham Hotspurs’ Primate 1 and Chelsea’s attempt at prising one of Manchester United’s crown jewels Shrek. Sorry, Wayne Rooney.
With the window finally winding down, only Real Madrid appear closest to getting their man, spending, if early reports are to be believed, something in the region of £100 million pounds on a player who, till date has stats very similar to Arsenal’s Theo Walcott (Read this. And This.). You have to hand it to David Levy. He’s one shrewd operator.
Tottenham have also quietly gone about their business, signing player in crucial positions. If they snare Willian, that will take their spending to £90 million. That still leaves them a profit (if the Bale deal goes through) and possibly a world-class left-back with Real Madrid’s Fabio Coentrao purported part of the deal. Watch out Arsene, looks like there will be no St. Tottenring’s day this year.
My predictions:
Top-four finishes for both Manchester teams. London’s slot will be occupied by Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspurs.


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