Why Mozilla is teaching kids to hack


Third grade student Molly Irwin is a hacker. She’s not a member of Anonymous or the Evil Shadow Team. She doesn’t want to steal sensitive information from banks or take down the websites of Middle Eastern governments. All she wants to do is tinker.

Molly, a student at École Poirier Elementary in Sooke, British Columbia, is one of a generation of web makers Mozilla is hoping to foster. Mozilla has launched a program called Hackasaurus for kids like her; ones who want to learn how to code, create programs and remix web pages to their liking.

Hackasaurus is an application that lets the user re-write the source code of any page. Emma Irwin, Molly’s mom, discovered the program a few months ago.

Irwin introduced the principal of Emma’s school, École Poirier, to Hackasaurus and together they hatched a plan to teach hacking to the students. Irwin now goes in…

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