Manchester United Creeps past Crystal Palace

Patrice Evra created two valuable chances to help Manchester United creep past Crystal Palace.

Despite the ‘warm-weather’ Dubai training camp and Rooney’s new contract, nothing seems to have changed in Manchester United. Gone is the swagger of old that was present in the way the only team in Manchester approached football games. David Moyes’ men’s current record-breaking run seems to have become left them shell-shocked, lacking confidence and bereft of ideas.
Whether it’s the new manager to blame or the aging(?) squad of mediocre players who won the league comfortably last season that’s to blame, Manchester United’s fans are still undecided.
While we might not have decided on the scape-goat, (know what’s responsible for the current slump), one thing is clear: there has to be changes to how things are done. Despite the abundance of creative players in the squad further boosted by the purchase of Mata from Chelsea, players often look out of sorts on the pitch especially in the final third.
Last Weekend’s match against Crystal Palace saw us need Patrice Evra whose contract expires in the summer provide two assists to grant us 3 points. The first was a penalty caused by Arsenal reject Marouane Chamakh. The second, a cut back for new signing Wayne Rooney. Without the penalty, it looked highly unlikely Manchester United were going to score.

It’s very obvious the current tactics aren’t working. The team currently prizes ball retention over attack, just like the Arsenal of 2005-2013. The speed at which players pass the ball around is too slow to break down a well-organized team. There seems to be a lack of fluidity and movement to their play with players not stretching opposition defenders by their off-the ball movement. For a team that rose to Europe’s top because of their lightening-quick counters, its almost comical to watch them slowly amble the ball from side-to-side when they win the ball back from the opposition. Yes. Wholesale changes may be needed in terms of personnel in Manchester United but there also has to be a more progressive attitude to their plays.


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