Welcome to Avidat’s


Starting any new venture is never easy. That’s why I don’t expect this to be. But I expect to make it worthwhile.

A very wise man once said that what’s important is not only achieving our goals but who we end up becoming while achieving those goals. I read those words by Anthony Robbins while still in secondary school and they have never stopped to inspire me and guide me in many of the decisions I have had to make in life. Starting this site is one of them. For years, I have always wanted to own my very own website. Actually. I have. The first was in 2005 when i first started learning how to build websites. I signed up to this free hosting service and the experience grew me a lot. Over time, the site died a natural death. I was not ready to be as committed to it as was needed and I was a bit naive . Naive to think that I could do it all on my own. Naive not to know that utaku was needed to successfully decided what to even write about. After that was my blogspot. It was and still is a  wonderful experience. To get to write what you want. Anyhow you want it. Anytime you want to. This is the natural graduation from that experience; an evolution. The normal course life was going to follow.

There are three things am currently passionate about; my society, web design and graphics and finally soccer. This site is going to be about all three.

So pop out the champagne glasses and let’s celebrate. Avidat is finally here.